Excerpts from readers' letters


It was reported that Singaporeans see the value of having immigrants (Good to have different nationals as neighbours, say S'poreans, Aug 4).

With a declining birth rate, it is imperative that we are open to immigration so that we remain competitive economically.

While this may be a political hot potato, the Government needs to continue to convince Singaporeans of the positive contributions of immigrants.

For example, Singapore will benefit immensely from immigrant James Dyson shifting the corporate headquarters of Dyson from the UK to Singapore.

Having a transparent and open system that spells out how people qualify for permanent residency and citizenship, and under what circumstances these could be revoked, would make the argument that only contributing and deserving migrants are accorded these privileges more acceptable.

Lee Yong Se


During my time in volunteering as a Service Ambassador at Changi Airport, I spoke to many Chinese tourists and realised that the majority of them were not aware that there is a Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall in Singapore.

As they were already returning to China, they were disappointed to have missed the chance to visit the memorial hall. Some told me that they had been brought to see the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, a person they had never heard of.

I urge the Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport Group to make Chinese tourists more aware of the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall in Tai Gin Road as another place of interest for them.

Henry Ong

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