Excerpts from readers' letters

It has been announced that NTUC FairPrice will be offering discounts on the healthier rice options in its supermarkets. I fear that Singaporeans may switch back to white rice once the discounts are removed. The regular price of a 2.5kg pack of FairPrice Thai red unpolished rice is $5.80, while a 5kg pack of FairPrice Thai white rice is $5.90. I urge the Government to look into ways to make healthier rice products more affordable in the long term.


During a recent visit to the zoo, I noticed many water dispensers, which visitors could drink from as well as fill up their water bottles .

If water dispensers are installed islandwide, I am sure more people in Singapore would switch from sweetened soft drinks to plain water.


The Government, schools and the media - through its messaging - play an important role in educating our young children on healthy eating. However, such education starts at home. Parents play the most critical role in ensuring the development of their children in all aspects, including health.


PM Lee expressed concern that many Singaporeans are not doing enough, such as going for regular medical screening, to detect diabetes earlier. The cost of screening is not why people do not go for medical screening. Rather, it is the exorbitant cost of follow-up tests and treatment that worry people.

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can affect a person's career, family and financial status. It is commonly heard that Singaporeans "can die but cannot fall sick".


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