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Where are those who are more qualified?

It is surprising that a "global search" has not yielded more qualified candidates, such as former C-suite operators of well-known reliable train companies, such as Hong Kong's MTR and the Taipei Metro.

One would think that the valuable experience of the chief executives of such operators would be more required for SMRT going forward.

The appointment of Mr Neo may inevitably also give the impression of that the "global search" was narrow, and seen as another interim posting for post-SAF scholars in their corporate climb.

With all due respect to Mr Neo, it is not apparent at all how he has the necessary engineering, technical and C-suite experience in running a problem-ridden train operator like SMRT.

Stanley Huang

On-the-ground experience important

There is no doubt that having the relevant experience is a plus factor (Experience in transport industry should count in choice of SMRT chief, by Dr Michael Loh Toon Seng; April 19).

In Japan, before CEOs are appointed to head a major retail chain, they have to work on the shop floor for a considerable period.

The rationale behind this is the accumulation of store operation experience and grounding on the sales floor provides the trainee with sound knowledge of the business.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

Good to have new chief and fresh views

A change of leadership is good; it could drive a wholesale change in thinking and bring in fresh perspectives.

Running SMRT well requires a great deal of resolve. I am sure Mr Neo has the adaptive and creative mind to tackle the deep-seated cultural issues and understand what has and has not worked, and why.

Commuters should support Mr Neo to see what he might be able to do for SMRT years from now.

Loong Chik Tong

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