Everyone should download SGSecure app

Feb 15 is commemorated as Total Defence Day. It marks the day when Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942.

Total Defence takes a whole-of-nation approach towards our national defence, and all of us need to be involved for it to be successful.

With increasing security threats like terrorism, radicalisation, cyberthreats, racial-religious discourse, fake news and hybrid warfare from state and non-state actors, Total Defence preparedness should not be taken lightly .

The SGSecure app is a good platform to educate, enable and empower Singaporeans to be ever ready to meet the challenges of our national defence.

From anecdotal evidence, I gather that many people have not downloaded the app.

I would like to suggest that all employers, schools and other organisations encourage their employees, students and members to download and stay engaged with our national security issues.

The relevant authorities can also use the platform to recognise users for their involvement. Badges and lapel pins could be given for community participation and completion of certain skill sets.

If we do not actively participate in Total Defence, we will surely regret when a security incident occurs.

Yeow Hwee Ming

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on February 16, 2018, with the headline 'Everyone should download SGSecure app'. Subscribe