Everyone has supporting role to play in S'pore's green move

There is often the perception that a city getting more built-up comes at the expense of greenery, but this is not always true (More rooftop gardens, urban farms planned; Nov 10).

It is possible to work towards the ideal of interlacing both natural and man-made environments.

Singapore's push towards vertical greenery comes with many benefits, including visual relief to passers-by and residents, who now do not have to travel out of their housing estates to appreciate the beauty of nature.

In addition, Singapore is known to be a stop-over for a variety of migratory birds, some of which have been observed to nest in Housing Board estates.

There are several blocks in Yishun which are frequented by the migratory grey wagtail, for instance.

While it is great to see the Government pushing for a greener Singapore, it is imperative that residents in Singapore play a supporting role in this initiative, as well.

For one thing, residents need to actively maintain these new communal gardens to ensure their sustainability.

People should understand some of the basics of going green.

For instance, they should refrain from feeding wildlife, especially birds, that may now call these new green spaces home, lest they become more intrusive and violent in the hope of procuring food.

Lastly, Singaporeans should not litter in these new green spaces, as this will go against the Government's efforts in trying to promote a cleaner and greener society, and pose a threat to biodiversity in the vicinity.

As long as the people and the Government work hand in hand, Singapore's green footprint will be greatly improved.

Sivalingam Denesh

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