Everyone has part to play in making the library pleasant

We thank Ms Ang Zyn Yee for her feedback on the reservation of seats in public libraries (Help! The 'choping' disease is spreading; April 26).

There are posters prominently displayed in our libraries to remind patrons not to reserve seats.

We also make public announcements on observing good library etiquette, and our staff regularly advise patrons not to leave their belongings unattended or reserve seats.

The library is a shared public space for reading and learning. Everyone has a role to play in making it a pleasant place for all to use.

We urge patrons not to reserve seats or leave their personal belongings unattended, and to avoid inconveniencing fellow library users. We seek the cooperation of our patrons to be considerate to others.

Catherine Lau (Ms)

Assistant Chief Executive
Public Library Services
National Library Board

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