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Essential to reform bullies

I was shocked and enraged to read about the bullying at Assumption Pathway School (Students who bullied girl in video disciplined, says school; April 14).

Despite efforts to stop it, physical and psychological bullying still remain.

Children with special needs are different from their peers and might find few friends. On top of this, they face bullying.

It breaks my heart to know that these children suffer so much. I hope that the counselling given to the girl in this case is enough to help her cope.

The question to ask is what lies behind this latest assault. There appears to be something more than simple condescension towards a mentally limited student. This mindset might be hard to change.

Hence, it is essential that the bullies be educated. Punishment alone cannot make them realise their mistakes. They must be reformed so they avoid such behaviour in future.

I am glad that the Disabled People's Association has called for a review of the abuse reporting process in schools.

It is important to reach out to ostracised children who might be having a hard time in school, so as to create a friendlier environment for every child to grow up happily.

Chen Nan, 16

Secondary 4 Student

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