Ensuring safety also important at Blu Jaz

It is heartening that the authorities have postponed the cancellation of Blu Jaz Cafe's public entertainment licence (Blu Jaz Cafe licensed to play on - for now at least; Oct 23).

Blu Jaz Cafe should also be commended for reciprocating by sensibly taking ownership of its safety lapses and reviewing the safety measures on its premises with the relevant stakeholders.

The issue of overcrowding flagged by the authorities is legitimate and justified. Should ever a fire break out in Blu Jaz Cafe, it will be compounded by overcrowding and, given the Kampong Glam area's dense layout, it is likely that it will quickly turn from a fire into an inferno and cause a stampede.

It is not hard to imagine that the loss to life and property from such a tragedy, including the loss of Kampong Glam's unique heritage sites, will be of catastrophic proportions.

There is little doubt that the authorities support the development of a vibrant and robust music and culture ecosystem in Singapore, of which Blu Jaz Cafe has proven to be a worthy institution.

While the stakeholders in the music and culture ecosystem do their bit to delight and entertain, we are fortunate that the authorities such as the police and the Public Entertainment Appeal Board are also doing their part in being vigilant and ensuring everyone's safety and well-being as they are being entertained.

Woon Wee Min

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