Ensuring safe ride in SGH shuttle buses

We share Mr Loong Chik Tong's concern about safety on board our SGH Campus shuttle bus (Safety first for shuttle buses, July 26).

All seats in our shuttle buses are equipped with a seat belt, and while it is not mandatory for passengers to belt up while seated, we encourage all to do so for their own safety.

A staff member was recently hurt after being thrown off his centre, aisle-facing seat in the last row of an employee shuttle bus.

To prevent similar incidents, our drivers were instructed to ensure that passengers do not occupy the centre aisle-facing seat and signs were promptly put up in all shuttle buses informing passengers not to do so.

We take to heart Mr Loong's suggestion and have started work to ensure that the signs are multilingual. As an added precaution, we will be removing the centre aisle-facing seat from all buses progressively.

We will also include announcements as well as visual reminders for passengers to belt up.

We are sorry for the driver's perceived demeanour despite his intent to keep passengers safe and are working with our shuttle bus service partner to remind drivers to exercise utmost professionalism at all times.

Geoffrey Gui

Director, Division of Patient Support

Singapore General Hospital

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