Ensure zoos remain safe place for all

I recently read about the unfortunate death of Harambe, a western lowland gorilla which was shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States ("Gorilla shot dead after 4-year-old falls into enclosure"; May 30).

I feel sad that a peace-loving, majestic and endangered animal was killed in a zoo, which is supposed to be a safe place for animals.

Parents should look after their children and make sure they do not get into mischief, so as to avoid such incidents.

Children must learn to respect wild animals and keep a safe distance.

I hope that a similar accident will not happen again. Perhaps the management of zoos around the world can install childproof barriers, so that children will not be able to slip in between them.

Charmaine Wong Yu Xin, 10,

Primary 5 pupil

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