Ensure workers' well-being on hot days

We have all been hearing news about the unusually hot weather expected these coming weeks ("Hot weather may be more frequent, says Met Service"; yesterday).

The people likely to be affected the most are those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

This group includes migrant workers who work on road projects and at construction sites, and those who clean roads, prune gardens and cut trees, as well as other workers who perform a myriad of other chores to keep Singapore clean and thriving.

I hope the Ministry of Manpower will ensure that employers provide these workers with sufficient water and shelter from the heat on particularly hot days, and allow them adequate breaks, so that they can keep going without endangering their health and well-being.

Members of the public, too, can play a part, by passing water, cold drinks or umbrellas to migrant workers working outdoors, where possible.

Dipa Swaminathan (Ms)

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