Ensure students have meals at a proper time

I am the mother of two primary-school children. I am increasingly concerned about their health and well-being due to the single-session model of school.

They wake up and have their breakfast as early as 5.30am before heading to school.

Their recess is between 8.30am and 10.30am. Sometimes, they have a quick 10-minute snack break at around noon.

Classes end at around 1.30pm, and it can be as late as 3pm, by the time they are home for their lunch.

Dinner then has to be pushed back or be a light meal.

The single-session school day has resulted in a disruption of meal times. The children have developed a habit of snacking away during the day instead of having proper meals, as the interval between their meals is irregular.

This can cause digestive and gastric issues, which is very concerning. The long-term effects of these issues are very real and worrying.

The timings for single-session schools should be looked into so children have their meals at an appropriate time.

Instead of a snack break at mid day, a proper lunch break should be included in the timetable.

This will show that we put the children's health and well-being above academic goals.

Lim Wan Keng (Ms)

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