Campus buffet leftovers

Ensure students get permission before taking food

Let me offer another perspective on the article about students coordinating efforts to finish off leftover buffet food (Undergrads get connected for buffet spreads; Oct 18).

In June, I organised a private seminar at a National University of Singapore facility for paying attendees. The breakfast I catered was intended to also provide refreshments into the late morning for my attendees.

However, some time between 9am and 10am, students descended on the buffet while we were in the seminar room and ate all the food.

This was confirmed by one of my attendees, who met a buffet straggler outside our room.

While I am all for reducing food wastage, taking other parties' paid-for buffet food is a possible unintended result of such initiatives.

I strongly recommend that universities issue guidelines, including getting at least a verbal OK from the organisers of events before students help themselves to the food.

David Lim Yew Lee

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