Ensure ISPs can support Smart Nation push

As more transactions take place over the Internet, we will inevitably be more dependent on the speed and resilience of our Internet service provider (ISP) network.

A study by Google found that a 0.5-second drop in connectivity speed caused a 20 per cent drop in Web traffic.

While the new Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) launches promising initiatives such as Smart Nation and remote health-monitoring services, I hope it will also monitor the ISPs on their broadband/4G connectivity strength and availability across Singapore ("New agency to help take S'pore into digital future" and "IMDA helping firms think out of the box using latest tech"; both published last Saturday).

The new agency must manage the risk of ISPs not being able to support our Internet of Things aspirations. For instance, I frequently experience disruption in my broadband/4G connectivity.

I hope IMDA will tell us more about its road map to regulate the resilience and redundancy of our ISPs.

Chiam Sheng Shi

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