Ensure homework load doesn't keep students up at night

It was reported that most pupils have little sleep because of activities like enrichment programmes or tuition, on top of school homework (Schoolwork 'not key reason' for lack of sleep among pupils; March 5).

I beg to differ.

My daughter is in Secondary 1 and she stays up until 11pm or past midnight almost every night to finish her homework. Her friends also do homework until late at night.

This suggests that it is a systemic issue in school.

If the Government is seriously concerned about our children's amount of sleep, then our national schools must also be serious in ensuring that no child needs to sleep late because of too much homework.

Having insufficient sleep is linked to a host of illnesses. Not stemming the trend of lack of sleep among the young will result in a generation of burned-out and sleep-deprived people, and have resultant effects on the country's health and economy.

Alex Yeo Eng Buan

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