Ensure a place for seniors in future economy

Singapore's ageing population is a reality that will impact our economy greatly and earlier than most other nations.

I hope the Committee on the Future Economy can address this issue and develop strategies to ensure a thriving economy for seniors by seniors ("30-member committee to chart future of economy"; Dec 22, 2015).

A lot can be done to cater to the needs and concerns of seniors, to ensure their continued employment and positive, productive contribution to the economy, as long as their health permits.

There needs to be a paradigm shift on jobs and workplace redesign to better understand and manage seniors as an important economic resource in our ever-tight labour market.

No senior wants to be a burden to his family and society if he can be gainfully employed at a pace he is comfortable with.

I hope the committee can come up with winning strategies to make Singapore a shining example of an inclusive economy where seniors can shine in their golden years.

Yeow Hwee Ming

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