Enough doctors for Singapore's growing needs?

Are the 13,006 doctors in Singapore enough to meet the nation's needs ("S'pore has record 13,006 doctors"; last Friday)?

Given the ageing population, a growing one as well, and the ever-crowded public hospitals, is the number sufficient?

Judging by the perennial long waits at accident and emergency departments in public hospitals and at polyclinics, the number may not be enough.

Equally of concern is the availability of mental health professionals.

With more people diagnosed with mental health problems, psychological disorders and stress-coping problems, do we have enough of such professionals for our society's needs?

My experience as a counsellor, particularly with drug addicts, indicates that we are very short in these areas.

Could the authorities throw some light on what is being done to beef up the medical profession to meet the growing needs of our society?

Kuharajahsingam Karalasingam

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