Enhance scheme to reduce car ownership

The electric car-sharing scheme is an excellent way towards a car-lite Singapore ("Electric car-sharing scheme to be rolled out from 2017"; yesterday).

I hope it can be taken one step further to make Singapore "car ownership-lite", with the emphasis on reducing car ownership.

The present scheme appears to be concentrated in Housing Board towns. This will definitely reduce the need for car ownership in these estates but what about non-HDB areas?

The aim should be to provide an efficient and convenient transport system to serve commuters in the whole of Singapore.

This can be achieved by combining the scheme with a mobile phone-electric taxi service (maybe even driverless) at these centres, which can serve residents in other areas as well.

It can, for instance, provide commutes to MRT stations.

This will provide a door-to-door transport system covering the whole island.

Such a service can succeed in making Singapore "car ownership-lite".

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)

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