Engage minority religious groups, too

I fully agree with the call by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) president Mohammad Alami Musa for interfaith dialogue to deepen and go beyond the sharing of meals (Interfaith dialogue 'needs to go beyond sharing of meals'; Oct 24).

I would add that any effort to deepen religious understanding and harmony must not be confined to mainstream religious groups, but must also include the smaller minority groups.

These minority religious groups are often misunderstood because of misinformation and lack of interaction. Many such groups - be they Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or others - continue to be excluded because their doctrines and teachings may be different from those of the mainstream groups.

This is not in the spirit of promoting religious harmony and understanding in Singapore.

Instead of excluding such groups or politicising their differences, extra efforts must be made to engage them.

They, too, have much to contribute.

Michael Ang Seng Hong

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