Enforce rules on corridor clutter for safety of residents

It is unbelievable that so many plants were allowed to remain in the corridor of an HDB unit for almost eight to nine years (HDB 'jungle house' in Pasir Ris, May 28).

Why did the town council not take action earlier?

Having so many plants obstructing the corridor is clearly a fire hazard and a safety violation.

Should there be a fire, the neighbours would have problems evacuating quickly. And if a neighbour needs an ambulance for an emergency, the paramedics will have a hard time navigating through the plants.

And the plants raise the risk of mosquito breeding and ants.

The town council must enforce the regulations strictly and if a resident does not comply, the town council must remove most of the plants.

There must be no room for negotiation as this is a fire and safety hazard.

Town councils and the National Environment Agency must work together on matters like this.

Very often, especially in older flats, residents place many items like shoe cabinets, tables and bicycles along the narrow corridor.

I urge the town council and the relevant authorities to enforce strict regulations on obstruction along corridors. Repeat offences should attract fines.

Taking strict measures is the only way to have obstruction-free corridors for the safety of all residents.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on June 03, 2019, with the headline Enforce rules on corridor clutter for safety of residents. Subscribe