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End of grad, non-grad grouping has far-reaching impact

I applaud the Civil Service's decision to end its longstanding practice of grouping its officers according to their education levels ("Civil Service ends grad, non-grad grouping; Jan 5).

The change has a more far-reaching effect in our society than just salary and career progression. These are just some that come to mind:

  • It will change the perception that those who graduated from polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education are "second-class" when compared to university graduates;
  • It breaks down the mental barriers for our non-graduate males who wish to marry female graduates;
  • It shows our society is fair and that opportunity is open to all.

Such a move to close the gap between graduates and non-graduates shows we have matured into a more inclusive society. Career progression based on one's abilities is definitely the way to go for Singapore if we wish to scale greater heights.

Roy Goh Hin Soon

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