Encourage students to find innovative ways to clean

I applaud the move to get students involved in cleaning activities in school ("All schools to have cleaning activities daily from January"; Dec 12).

I hope they can carry out the work without complaint. Through it, they can learn to be responsible and accountable.

This would be a good chance to introduce the concept of best practices.

Schools can teach students the right way to clean and how to do it in an environmentally friendly way. And students can be encouraged to innovate and find the most efficient method of cleaning.

Cleanliness checks should be done daily. Schools could consider making such cleaning activity a competition, with the reward being an early release from school, for instance.

A school is a student's second home. With these cleaning activities, students will get to study in a clean environment that they created - a beautiful, spruced up classroom they can be proud of.

Lee Lin Ein (Ms)

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