Encourage more to be blood donors

As a Singaporean, I hope that the people's behaviour will continue to shift towards an appreciation of post-materialistic values ("Singapore's shifting values"; Dec 13).

Such behaviour can manifest in many ways. One way is in the donating of blood.

The number of blood donors here has dropped over the years.

With Singapore's ageing population, the demand for blood donations to improve health and save lives is likely to rise.

Up to three lives can potentially be saved per donation and the human body is able to replace this donated blood within three days.

I appeal to Singaporeans to make a personal commitment to be regular blood donors or to begin donating.

As a nation, we have demonstrated in the past that we can rise to the occasion and act as one when something untoward happens.

The Health Sciences Authority can and must do more to educate the people and encourage more to do their part.

I hope to see the day when blood donation becomes a personal commitment for many more people.

Paul Heng

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