Employers can do much to help maids financially

There are practical ways for maids to be restrained from going to moneylenders for loans (Discourage maids from borrowing, by Mr Ong Soon Yam; Nov 28).

Most maids would not borrow money if they could help it, especially from moneylenders who charge high interest rates.

At some point in time, maids find themselves without the ready money they need to meet family emergency expenses such as medical bills, children's school fees and major home repair charges.

Employers can do much to help maids get through this period of financial difficulty. They could grant her an advance payment of wages or an interest-free loan which can easily be deducted in instalments from her salary.

Concerned and caring employers may counsel their maids in being prudent in money matters, such as spending wisely and saving as much as they can.

Maids need not resort to getting loans from moneylenders if they can seek help from their employers.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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