Emphasise importance of sustainable lifestyle

Supermarkets still offer plastic bags without charge.
Supermarkets still offer plastic bags without charge. PHOTO: ST FILE

The Singapore Government is often at the forefront of many important trends and tackles issues which are critical in the long run but may not be popular.

Where it seems to have lagged behind is in taking action to address sustainability.

It has done little to discourage the use of plastic - supermarkets still offer plastic bags without charge.

Bottled water is also still offered extensively despite the high quality of tap water here.

While many campaigns are often run to drive changes, not enough has been done to emphasise the message of sustainability and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

I hope we are ingraining the importance of a sustainable lifestyle in schools as much as we used to promote speaking mother tongue languages or anti-littering messages.

Making the change to a more sustainable lifestyle is not an easy move.

Hence, there is a greater need to educate citizens on the importance of making changes and the dangers of not doing so, as well as to incentivise and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eileen Wee

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