Embracing change is vital for workers to stay relevant

The world is getting more complicated as we progress. Owing to the resulting uncertainty, businesses are finding it more difficult to satisfy their customers and government regulations, as well as to stay ahead of competitors who are also forced to step up their game.

So, Mr Paul Heng is right that embracing change at the workplace is essential for workers to grow as individuals, become more productive and maintain their employability (Workers need to look after their own development; June 17).

As technology advances, retreating to our comfort zone is not an option.

In our current world of data analytics, pattern-recognition using cognitive computers far surpasses human abilities, and will continue to cause the loss of more jobs.

Even more portentous for workers, powerful new technologies are increasingly adopted not only in mundane and repetitive tasks, but also in professions such as finance, education and even medicine.

If we are powerless to stop the changes around us, we can only learn to allow these transformations to work for and benefit us.

Embracing change is thus crucial to survive, develop and stay relevant at the workplace.

Meeting challenges with a positive attitude may be the only difference between continued employment and redundancy.

Edmund Khoo Kim Hock

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