Efforts to ensure safe sharing of footpaths the right move

I applaud the move taken by the Land Transport Authority in launching a new unit to patrol pavements and cycling paths, and crack down on cyclists and personal mobility device (PMD) users who speed or ride recklessly on these ("New LTA unit to ensure safe riding on footpaths"; Thursday).

I am heartened to read that officers of the new Active Mobility Enforcement Team will be armed with foldable bicycles and speed guns, and will be deployed daily at high-traffic hot spots to ensure the safe sharing of these spaces.

I am glad the new team will also join the Traffic Police in joint enforcement exercises at hot spots.

I welcome such safety steps taken by the authorities to bring about a safer neighbourhood.

On a few occasions, I have experienced "shocks" when riders of electric bicycles suddenly appeared behind me and rang their bells, indicating that I should make way for them.

Inconsiderate riders also often ignore "No Riding" signs at covered walkways.

I have also noticed that at a nearby childcare centre, some mothers would come riding on their motorised bicycles on the pedestrian walkway to pick up their children. I wonder if they are aware of the dangers they are imposing on others.

I welcome the change in the law to allow bicycles and most PMDs on pavements ("Bicycles, e-scooters may be allowed on footpaths by year end"; April 13).

But I also worry that riders may use the change to their advantage and cause greater safety concerns.

I wish the enforcement team every success in their efforts to achieve a safer society.

Soh Swee Kiat

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