Education system supports creativity

I was heartened to see a fellow student talking enthusiastically about the arts in Singapore (Much creativity, artistry in Singapore, by Lee Xuan; May 2).

As a Secondary 3 student who has spent most of his life in Singapore's education system, I feel the education system does serve its main purpose of equipping students with knowledge and skills for the future.

However, there has been some criticism.

For example, some argue that the education system kills or restricts creativity in students due to its rigidity and focus on mathematics and science, while simultaneously undermining subjects such as art and music.

While I do agree that this form of conformity does exist in schools, my stand is that this helps students develop their creativity to its maximum potential.

Subjects that do not require much creativity allow students to understand the real world better and base their creativity on it. They provide a structure by which students can be innovative, while still being grounded in reality.

Still, schools may want to pay a little more attention to creative subjects to strike a better balance between subjects.

Matsumoto Yuto, 15

Secondary 3 student

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