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Education crucial to curb smoking

The Government has just introduced measures to reduce the growth of smokers among the population, and is considering raising the legal smoking age and keeping cigarette packs out of sight in shops ("Proposal to raise smoking age to 21"; last Wednesday).

These efforts are commendable, but more can be done.

Education plays a crucial role in this matter.

As children and teenagers are more vulnerable to picking up smoking, we have to send a message to them that smoking is not beneficial to their health.

To do this, the Government could introduce an animated series on the consequences of smoking, to be screened during character and citizenship education and health education lessons.

Resilience plays a critical role in helping a smoker quit the habit.

Mint-flavoured sweets are an effective tool as they freshen the mouth and relieve the craving for a cigarette.

It would be a good idea to provide a free packet of mints to those who participate in the I Quit campaign.

Michelle Ng Ee Xiang, 16, awaiting O-level results


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