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Eat less beef to go green, get healthy

Singaporeans have hopped on the "healthy eating" bandwagon in recent years.

Among the advice given by experts to maintain a healthy lifestyle is eating less red meat, such as beef.

This is not only healthy, as it reduces one's intake of saturated fat, but it may also prove beneficial to the environment.

Producing beef requires 28 times more land and 11 times more water than producing pork or chicken.

It also results in five times more climate-warming emissions.

Singapore is not a major producer of beef, but we have sizeable beef imports, which contribute to the problem.

It would do us good to consider reducing our beef intake.

We can take little steps, for instance, going vegetarian one day a week, or switching to chicken or pork.

Done collectively, our little actions can be significant in alleviating the strain beef production places on our environment.

Joanna Tan Si Min (Miss), 20, second-year university student

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