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Easy to become politically aware

It was heartening to see many young Singaporeans taking an interest in the various political parties, their candidates and what each stood for in the recent general election ("Youth interest essential for future" by Lee Song Yang; Sept 9, and "Never too early to learn about politics" by Yeo Jen-Lin; Sept 30).

More can be done to raise political interest and awareness among our young people, and not just those of voting age.

Young people should take the first step to understand policies and people.

Politics should be above mere party politics - there are more important issues of policy formulation and implementation that people should take note of.

It is easy enough to get knowledge; simply follow the social media accounts of some local newspapers for updates and summary articles that give clear and concise coverage.

Parents can also help by exposing their children to different dimensions of politics, such as their own model politicians and the policies they may agree or disagree with.

It need not be difficult to be politically aware.

We can all play a more active role, with just a little effort.

Jin Zhi Yan (Miss), 19, first-year university student


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