Ease congestion at Sengkang LRT station

I have been a Sengkang resident for the past seven years and make use of the Sengkang LRT system occasionally.

While there are no real issues with the trains and operations, and I agree that planned upgrades will resolve day-to-day woes (Sengkang MRT, LRT stations to be upgraded; May 26), I believe that the design of the LRT routes is flawed.

Both the double-tracked east and west loops of the LRT line have Sengkang station as the start and end points.

This causes two problems - overcrowding at peak hours and weekends at the LRT platform; and general confusion among commuters, with four possible routes on two sides of the narrow Sengkang LRT platform.

With more housing and a hospital being built in the estate, the situation is only going to get worse.

A solution is to establish a second connection to the North-East Line at Buangkok MRT station. Commuters could then have the choice of two MRT stations to start and end their LRT journeys at, spreading out the current congestion and simplifying platform operations.

An LRT station at Buangkok could also make it easier to extend the system to serve residents who live along Buangkok Green.

Gurmit Singh Kullar

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