Drug safety, efficacy: HSA replies

We thank Dr Daniel Ng Peng Keat for his feedback ("Concerns over two drugs available here"; Sept 7).

For medicine licensed for use in Singapore, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) conducts post-market surveillance and monitors international developments related to these products to ensure their safety, quality and efficacy.

To date, HSA has not detected any safety signals related to Deanxit and Leftose. 

Deanxit has been licensed in Singapore since 1988 for the treatment of conditions including anxiety and depression.

It is currently approved and marketed in many countries.

Deanxit is not prohibited in its country of origin, Denmark, nor banned in countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan or Australia.

With respect to the concern raised by Dr Ng, HSA has not received any local reports of addiction associated with the use of Deanxit.

Consultations with local psychiatrists and general practitioners also affirmed that it still has a place in clinical therapy for patients with anxiety and depression.

The second product, Leftose, was registered in 1991, based on the available data which met the required regulatory standards then.

HSA is aware of the recent clinical studies that reviewed the approved uses of lysozyme preparations in Japan.

We will be re-evaluating these products based on the new clinical trials data and will update healthcare professionals if there are any changes to the approved uses.

Raymond Chua (Assistant Professor)
Group Director
Health Products Regulation Group
Health Sciences Authority

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