Drone attacks have a place in terror fight

I disagree with Ms Shamim Moledina's views ("West's actions may nudge more towards ISIS"; Tuesday).

The drone attacks are not aimed at civilians but at terrorist figures, and have achieved a great degree of success in eliminating top terrorists. So there is no question of stopping them.

The Western countries have also welcomed thousands of refugees and given them food and accommodation.

Youngsters who join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are lured by the so-called objective of establishing Islamic rule in the world.

With their civilian background, they are only fooling themselves if they think they will be given guns to fight.

Instead, they get assigned to duties like toilet cleaning, dishwashing and maintaining houses.

Young men driven by excitement soon get disenchanted with the brutality and barbarity of ISIS.

They may be killed in fights or imprisoned if they try to escape.

Peace-loving people should avoid any semblance of sympathy for terrorists.

They should take a firm stand against terrorism and unequivocally condemn terrorist organisations instead of weakly repeating template statements.

N. Nagesh

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