Drivers not giving way at zebra crossing

I would like to bring the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) attention to a zebra crossing in front of West Mall on the side of Bukit Batok Central.

Every day, many people use this zebra crossing to get to the mall and back. But one can see vehicles ignoring the crossing and just zooming across.

This crossing seems to be invisible to these reckless drivers. Sometimes, the drivers will drive across the zebra crossing even as pedestrians are halfway through the crossing.

In fact, just last week, my wife and I witnessed a driver going across the zebra crossing while a couple was already on it.

The driver did not stop before the crossing, and even scolded the couple for "not knowing how to walk".

The LTA should set up cameras to catch these errant drivers.

I hope it will take action soon before an accident happens.

Tony Wee Gim Leong

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