Driverless system: SMRT replies

We take Mr Wong Boon Hong's feedback very seriously ("Problems with Circle Line driverless system"; yesterday).

We do monitor the train dwell time at stations very closely .

We reassure Mr Wong that our Circle Line system is equipped with safety features which include sensors on both the platform screen doors and train doors that trigger the doors to pull back briefly when they come into contact with a commuter while closing.

A longer train dwell time is also catered for at interchange stations to take into account higher commuter traffic.

We would like to find out more details about the two incidents that were cited by Mr Wong. We hope that Mr Wong can contact us soon through our customer hotline on 1-800-336-8900 or e-mail

Trains run on fixed schedules to ensure reliable service for all our commuters. Train dwell times are not shortened to "catch up with the delayed schedule". Safety will never be compromised.

Safety is also a shared responsibility. We seek the patience of commuters to wait for the next train and we ask that they not rush to board trains, especially when the doors are closing.

This will be especially critical for the North-South and East-West lines as new trains are added and the signalling system is fully upgraded.

The interval between train arrivals will be shortened and we hope that commuters can work with us to wait for the next train if they are not able to board a train in time.

The regularity of train arrivals allows us to move commuters safely and efficiently, and also helps us manage any build-up of commuters at train platforms.

Lee Ling Wee

Managing Director

SMRT Trains

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