Forum: Drawbacks to laundry-drying racks for flats

With every Home Improvement Programme project, HDB replaces laundry-drying pole sockets with drying racks in each unit.

While the intention behind the move - safety and the prevention of mosquito breeding - is good, HDB should also look into other issues that affect residents and take their feedback seriously.

For example, the design of these racks needs to be looked into.

The laundry-drying racks provide a good platform for birds to roost or perch, and their droppings soil our wet laundry and the racks.

The racks are so close to the windows that the birds are emboldened to perch on the window sill and even fly into the kitchen to look for food. We now have to guard against birds flying into our units.

Some residents have resorted to drying their laundry indoors to prevent their clothes from getting badly soiled. But the clothes take a longer time to dry, and if the residents cook, it is not good for the laundry hanging in the kitchen.

Others have installed their own drying devices. But how then can we save the environment?

Litter from higher floors landing on the drying racks is another concern.

And when it rains, the water hits the rack's horizontal beam and splatters into the flat.

Some people shut the windows, especially if they do not wish their elderly family members to slip and fall on the wet floor.

It is a waste of the nation's financial resources to install something impractical that deters residents from hanging their wet laundry out to dry.

Chan Lai Chun

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