Draw up parking spaces in private estates

I disagree that we should continue to adopt the Land Transport Authority's "community approach" in advising residents to ensure the objects they place outside their houses do not obstruct others, in the hope that this problem will be resolved over time (Landed home owners often have no option but to park on roads, by Ms Sabrina Chew; March 23).

While I sympathise with landed property owners who have difficulties finding a parking space, many seem to be treating public spaces as their own, placing bins and chairs on the road to reserve parking spaces. Many of these bins and chairs appear to be on the road not just in the evenings, but also throughout the day.

This makes it very inconvenient for the public to utilise the space.

Perhaps the authorities can draw up official parking spaces and give residents in the area priority in applying for a monthly season parking pass. This is the fairest approach as residents will be assured of a parking space and it will also be more convenient for members of the public.

Koh Thong Wei

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