Dozing drivers getting to be a common sight

I am writing in as a concerned and exasperated commuter. As of late, I have noticed an alarming number of drivers dozing off while driving on the streets.

After quite a few nail-biting trips on my daily commute, where the driver had dozed off at the wheel regardless of the time of day, I have laid off booking rides and hailing taxis. On the occasions we have been on taxis with suchdrivers, it was the timely alerts by my husband or I that averted accidents.

Complaints by us were responded to with a "driver will be warned" statement.

It is not just the passengers and drivers at risk. Pedestrians are too. If the accident rate is going up, perhaps there should be an analysis of why this is happening.

After the recent video of the bus driver, I am beginning to wonder if public transport is any safer.

The Land Transport Authority should look into this matter seriously. Many lives are at risk here.

Menaga Amarinthan (Mrs)

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