Don't take pop songs so seriously

Popular music, like any form of art, does not necessarily need to be politically correct or teach the right lessons (Did Queen actually sing that?; Nov 18).

Perhaps it is because I am a big fan of British band Queen that I was taken aback by Straits Times film correspondent John Lui's comment that its hit song Bohemian Rhapsody has a "nonsensical" portion because it consists of foreign words.

Art is open to interpretation.

The production quality, vocals and instrumentals are all crucial to a song. Just because a song has lyrics that might not necessarily be understandable does not mean it is nonsensical.

Pop music is a very broad term and offers a wide spectrum of songs. If a person is looking for songs to curate his moral compass, then perhaps he is on the wrong end of the spectrum.

Let us not take pop songs so seriously. After all, they are just here to entertain us.

Lola Koh Le Yi, 16

Secondary 4 student

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