Don't penalise potential flat owners with pre-existing illnesses

It is currently compulsory for all those who purchase a HDB flat using their Central Provident Fund savings to be covered under the Home Protection Scheme.

However, people with pre-existing illnesses are not covered under the scheme because of their medical condition.

The CPF Board does not disclose the list of pre-existing illnesses. I have had a kidney transplant and had my application for the Home Protection Scheme rejected.

Such people are advised to turn to private insurers. But private insurers are also unwilling to cover them.

This results in these people being penalised and unable to get compulsory mortgage insurance, even though they are currently doing well and have sufficient resources to purchase their own flat.

They are even denied coverage under the Dependants' Protection Scheme because of their condition, even though they are supporting their families.

These people are not asking for handouts but to be treated like regular citizens and be allowed to buy mortgage insurance to protect their families.

There has been much talk about inclusiveness and levelling of the playing field.

I hope the Government will send the right message about how people with chronic illnesses should be treated.

Benjamin Png Kehao

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on September 14, 2015, with the headline Don't penalise potential flat owners with pre-existing illnesses. Subscribe