Don't penalise parents without smartphones

I received a letter from my child's primary school, informing me about the upcoming Meet the Parents Session.

The letter stated that priority would be given to those who used a particular app to book an appointment for the session.

Those who did not have the app would be given whatever leftover slots there were.

This practice seems unfair and discriminatory.

What if the child's parents cannot afford a smartphone?

What if they are technologically unsavvy?

Why are such people deemed worthy of only leftover slots?

I have a smartphone and was able to book an appointment with the app.

But I feel for those who do not have one or do not have the means to afford a smartphone.

Perhaps, technology helps to ease the workload of our teachers.

Even as we move towards becoming a technologically smart nation, we must not forget that not everyone will have the same access to such technology.

As we teach our children compassion and empathy in the classroom, we also have to ensure that we practise what we preach when it comes to other school matters.

Chong Wei Yu

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