Don't let MediShield Life burden PSA pensioners

When the MediShield Life scheme was proposed, I wrote to various government agencies to inquire whether the Government will be paying the premiums for PSA pensioners under the Co-payment on Ward Charges (CPW) scheme.

The numerous e-mail exchanges have been inconclusive.

I am still enjoying the lifelong comprehensive medical benefits as a PSA pensioner under the CPW scheme. The scheme provides better coverage than MediShield Life, and PSA pensioners also do not need to maintain the full Medisave Minimum Sum.

MediShield Life burdens PSA pensioners with a lifetime of premiums, which will be adjusted yearly. This is no small sum.

There should not be unnecessary financial burdens put on PSA pensioners who do not require MediShield Life.

The Government has said it will pay the premiums for government pensioners ("Pensioners assured they will not lose current medical benefits"; Jan 30).

PSA pensioners should not be left out and made worse off with MediShield Life.

This group of pensioners also contributed significantly in the early days of nation-building.

Chun Shian Chew

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