Don't force dogs to run at jogging, cycling pace

I am prompted to write this letter after what I observed as an act of cruelty to pet dogs.

It is becoming a regular sight to see people jogging with their dogs on a leash and cyclists cycling with a dog leashed to their bicycles.

There is nothing wrong with the joggers or cyclists wanting to exercise. However, leashing and forcing the dog to run alongside the jogger and the cyclist is cruel.

Why subject the poor dog to such stress, especially if it is a toy dog with shorter legs.

Is this cruelty to animals?

It is perfectly fine if dog owners walk their dogs at a leisurely pace, but not at jogging, running or cycling speeds. Can the relevant authorities tell us if such treatment towards dogs is permissible?

If it is against the law, I believe many dog owners are ignorant of it.

There is a need for more education and awareness on this to help stop the cruel act.

Netizens can help keep an eye out for such acts, by posting photos or videos or reporting such acts to the authorities.

Let's be a truly gracious society, including being kind towards pets.

Raymond Wong

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on March 14, 2018, with the headline 'Don't force dogs to run at jogging, cycling pace'. Subscribe