Don't dismiss good idea on using old parking coupons

I was disappointed when I read the Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority's letter ("Adequate supply of new parking coupons"; Dec 17), which seemed to dismiss Mr Joe Chua Cheok Kwang's suggestion ("Allow pro-rated use of old parking coupons"; Dec 12).

Mr Chua's idea would have been a win-win situation for all. The HDB and URA will not lose their revenue, and drivers can continue with little disruption.

Unfortunately, the authorities did not appear to agree.

Singapore Post's use of First Local stamps with no indicative value allows the company to raise rates without causing inconvenience to users.

I hope the agencies involved will reconsider the merits of Mr Chua's idea. After all, issuing advisory notes to drivers using old coupons involves keeping records, which results in much more work.

Lim Poh Seng

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