Don't close off options for parents of gay kids

Professor Chong Siow Ann's Opinion piece ("Coming Out: How parents react is crucial"; Nov 21) and Dr Khoo Hoon Eng's letter ("Family, societal acceptance important"; Wednesday) present a false dilemma for parents and professionals - that they cannot support same-sex attracted children and still help them avoid harmful lifestyles centred on gay identities. 

HIV infection rates among the community that practises gay lifestyles remain disproportionately high.

It is not necessary for parents to embrace an identity and lifestyle that would likely bring harm to their child. 

We always have a choice.

We are not confined in our choices just because of our predispositions. 

Hence, we should not close off the option for parents who wish for their same-sex attracted children to live as healthily as they can.  

Leo Hee Khian 

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