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Do something about stuck taxi seat belts

Getting around Singapore by taxi has become very convenient. But I have noticed a problem in almost every taxi my family has taken.

The buckles of the seat belts are almost always embedded very deeply in the gaps between the seats.

This problem could have arisen because other passengers unknowingly sat on the buckles and pushed them into the gap.

My younger brother always struggles to get them out.

He can get so frustrated that he decides not to wear the seat belt at all.

I have seen many commercials and posters on the importance of wearing seat belts.

Prevention is better than cure.

The seat belts in airplanes are so convenient to use, as they are never stuck in the seats. Why can't it be the same for taxis?

I urge the Land Transport Authority to address this problem before somebody gets seriously injured.

Annabel Faith Joshika Sekar, 13

Secondary 1 student

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