Do more to tackle spate of oil spill accidents

The spate of oil spills on the roads this year is not just irksome but also a waste of public time and money ("Oil spill hits two lanes on Jalan Boon Lay"; June 2).

The expense incurred in having to resurface the road is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of more significance is the resultant loss of productivity from the time lost by thousands of workers on the road.

Is anything being done to stem this trend of oil spills, apart from considering imposing penalties on vehicle owners who causethe incidents?

A thorough investigation into parties involved in oil spills might do the trick. The inconvenience caused to the driver might be a deterrent.

Besides that, a detailed account of how the oil spill happened should be reported in the press. As it is, past incidents have been reported, but with no follow-up about their cause.

Revealing what ways drivers of such oil-carrying vehicles caused the incidents couldhelp in teaching others how to avoid causing another spill.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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