Do more to make worksites safer

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces to be in ("54 workplace deaths so far this year; falls most common cause"; yesterday, and "Nine in 10 construction deaths due to workers overlooking safety: Manpower Minister"; ST Online, Aug 24).

Construction workers subject themselves to numerous risks every day when they go to work. Hence, taking safety precautions is of the utmost importance.

I have noticed banners put up at construction sites to raise awareness of safety.

However, how many workers take note of the banners, since having them at the worksites has become normalised?

The Government has put in a lot of effort with regard to making each construction site a safe one, such as having training under the Design for Safety programme.

I hope more can be done to help workers understand safety more and reduce the fatality rate.

Perhaps there can be safety tests so that only workers who pass will be allowed to enter the construction site.

Angel Peh Shi Ying, 16, Secondary 4 student

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