Do more to help the young pursue dreams

Singapore is indeed becoming a place where people are able to follow their dreams and strive towards their goals ("Making S'pore a place where millennials can chase dreams"; Aug 22).

As a millennial myself, I often come across people who have many aspirations in different fields.

Achieving one's dream is a wonderful thing, and I have seen many Singaporeans do just that.

Take Joseph Schooling's win at the Rio Olympics, for instance. I am sure that, like me, many Singaporeans felt inspired by his drive and passion.

There will be many struggles on the path to success.

Yet, it is often during this stage that people start to lose faith and slowly lose sight of their dreams. This is why the community must play a bigger role in supporting young talents.

Many initiatives, such as the Music Elective, Art Elective and Humanities programmes, have been introduced in schools to cultivate students' interests in different fields.

In the arts sector, especially, we can see the Singapore International Festival of Arts and the PassionArts Movement bringing the arts closer to the hearts of many Singaporeans, while serving as a platform for them to showcase their talents.

Yet, there is still room for improvement in developing the interests of millennials. For starters, further emphasis can be placed on sports to encourage more to take it up.

The future lies in the hands of millennials, and I am sure that there are more exciting chapters to come in the Singapore story.

Phoebe Ng Zi Yue, 16, Secondary 4 student

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